• We are committed to positively impact the lives of our patients through innovation and leadership in the field of healthcare diagnostics.

What We Do

At AEON, we advance cutting-edge healthcare technologies to continuously improve our processes and bring significant improvements in the lives of our patients. The use of the latest in laboratory technology and automated processes allows us to be a leading industry player in quality assurance and reporting accuracy. From our fast turnaround times to our clear and comprehensive reporting, our highly trained team of professionals offer outstanding customer service.

Diagnostic test results, including blood tests, influence more than 70% of medical decisions. About 50% of the information in the average medical chart comes from laboratory data. 1It is imperative for patients to receive the highest level of service and accurate results.

AEON’s innovative testing solutions and methodologies make us a leading player in the market. Our test menu is an important first step in the overall treatment decisions rendered by medical professionals.

1 The Essentials of Diagnostics Whitepaper. DX Insights. January 2012.