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Authentidate Holding Corp. (Authentidate®) is a provider of software and patient monitoring products that enable providers, payers and facilities to care for patients outside of a hospital in real-time. The company’s care coordination solutions ensure that patients stay healthy, stick to their care plans, and avoid costly hospital re-admissions and ER visits. The company’s products include: Inscrybe Hospital Discharge – a patient placement and discharge optimization tool, InscrybeMD Electronic House Call and IVR – remote patient monitoring via stand-alone device or Interactive Voice Response and Inscrybe Healthcare – a referral management and document tracking solution.

Authentidate® is the first company to provide an end-to-end solution that enables the healthcare industry to manage patients in post-acute care as they are in more structured settings such as hospitals. The result is the ability to better track patient progress, and intervene when necessary to ensure that patients are getting better. The company’s solutions help healthcare organizations dramatically cut the cost of caring for patients, including those with chronic diseases, the elderly and fragile newborns. Organizations also experience significant productivity increases by utilizing the company’s electronic solutions to replace manual and paper operations.

The company’s customers include leading health systems such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, national home care companies such as Gentiva and Apria, many hospital systems and ACOs

Visit: Authentidate.com