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 Telehealth Services

Aeon Global Health (formerly Authentidate) is rated one of the Top Ten Telehealth Vendors Worldwide in IHS World Market for Telehealth 2014 Edition. Our Telehealth Solutions are designed to improve outcomes and reduce hospital readmission by helping clinicians closely monitor patients with chronic illnesses such as CHF, COPD and Diabetes. 

Patients learn self-management and behavior modification through symptom identification and management. Clinicians are able to detect and intervene earlier in order to minimize patients’ emergencies and complications.


Web Application
The Aeon Global Health telehealth Web-based application simplifies patient care plan management for clinicians. Clinicians can schedule monitoring sessions and view patients’ vital signs readings immediately online.


Our in-home remote patient monitoring Telehealth Solutions improve overall outcomes for patients with chronic illnesses beyond the hospital setting, which translates to lower overall claims and care costs. Patients with chronic conditions such as CHF, Diabetes or COPD, as well as other conditions requiring frequent vital signs monitoring show higher care plan compliance and improved outcomes using Telehealth. It’s a proven method to reduce chronic illness patient hospital re-admissions as well as cut overall care costs.

Telehealth Solutions Benefits:

  • Enables in-home management and improved condition outcomes for chronic illness patients
  • Reduces hospital readmissions, quantity of claims and overall chronic illness care costs
  • Empowers patients to self-manage chronic illnesses while enhancing care providers ability to manage care plans remotely