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According to the CDC, the crisis of Opioid addiction is a growing epidemic with 115 Americans dying every day from an opioid overdose. Adverse drug events (ADEs) are a serious health issue in the United States. About 82% of American adults take at least one medication while 29% take five or more. ADEs lead to 700,000 emergency room visits, 120,000 hospitalizations, and 100,000 deaths in the US each year. Moreover, this results in over $30 billion in additional spending annually.


Who Can Benefit From Toxicology Testing?

Toxicology testing provides critical information and knowledge that can be used by regulatory agencies and healthcare professionals to put policies in place and administer treatment that limits exposures to substances, reducing the likelihood of adverse drug events and negative health outcomes.


COVID-19 Testing

Capacity to run 2,000
COVID-19 tests per day

Test results in 24 hours or less

Testing includes the N, S, and Orf1ab Genes for more conclusive results

Every single day, we provide information that changes lives. We ensure that we deliver this information in the quickest, most accurate, and most useful way possible.  Lives depend on it.

We want to inspire and empower you to make informed health decisions and lead better lives. With fresh eyes, we seek out new ways to meet your needs, through innovative products and services, insightful advice and a positive and caring attitude.

At our core, is a relentless focus on information – information that empowers healthcare professionals to make better and informed decisions. Each and every day, we deliver advanced medical laboratory diagnostics service to a global group of physician customers who share our commitment to enhance health outcomes and improve lives.

We deliver information. We deliver insight. We deliver power to physicians. Know Better. Live Better.

Our Culture

We understand that our work impacts the lives of people. Each day at AEON is filled with energy, enthusiasm and passion – our work is meaningful and our people understand that the role they play is making a difference in someone else’s life.

Together, We DRIVE Success.

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Client Testimonials

The clinics that I have worked with for the past several years here in Gainesville, Georgia have used Aeon Clinical Labs for Drug testing, pharmacogenomics, and genetic testing. Aeon’s personnel have always been very professional, results have been very accurate, and the turn around time is 24-48 hrs. The Ph.D. scientists are always reachable by phone if I have any questions or need to clarify test results.

Carlos C. TAN, MD

Aeon is one of the most innovative agencies which understands the whole spectrum of the present Health Care System. Aeon has proven their strong footing in the industry with insistence on quality care.

Mustafa Chagani, CEO of The Texas International Institute of Health Professions

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Come and experience a culture rich in diversity and passion.

Career Opportunities

Our business encompasses many different functions. You can explore opportunities in laboratory operations and management, research, information technology, finance and administration, sales and account management, marketing and brand management, human resources
and more.