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Name: Steve Loonan
Birth Date: 2022-06-16
Gender: Male
Phone Number: 4696568235
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Message: Hi Marketing Team,

This is Steve Loonan associated with TDInsights. Running email/Telemarketing campaigns becomes easy and effective when you have the right prospects to target. We as a Global B2B database provider can assist you in reaching out to the right Decision Makers from the Healthcare Industry. We manage one of the largest Healthcare Decision Makers List that can be trimmed as per your needs which is highly reliable and accurate.

List includes Hospitals & Clinics, Home Care, Hospice, Veterinary Clinics, Multi Centre Clinics, Medical Group, Multi- Speciality Clinics, Community and Medical Health Agencies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Medical Offices, Private Practices, Small Community Hospitals.

Professionals: Surgeons, Doctors, Internal Medicine, Chiropractors, Ophthalmologists, Cardiologists, Pharmacy, Orthopaedic, Aesthetic professionals, Surgeons & Nurses, Pathologist, Neurologists, Urologists, OB/GYN, Surgical Pharmacists, Therapists, Psychiatrist, Dentists, Radiologist etc.

Geography: USA, Canada, South/LATIN America, Europe, UK, Asia Pacific, EMEA Continents, NORDIC Countries.

If you are interested in learning more please confirm your target audience(Department, Geography, Job titles) or let me know what your calendar looks like for a brief call.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Loonan
Marketing Consultant